Family History

Shawn O'GormanShawn O’Gorman comes from a family with a long history of commercial/industrial real estate expertise and community involvement. Going back four generations to the 1920s, Shawn’s family has been involved with hundreds of key real estate transactions throughout southern California and the Country.

From that rich family experience, Shawn grew up working alongside his father Columba. From an early age, he watched his dad make many creative and complex transactions for manufacturing companies around the country. Many of these transactions took years to complete and to this day, Shawn incorporates the key values he learned from his father on every transaction.

Part of Shawn’s philosophy stems from his legacy as a competitive swimmer. From age 5, he began earning many awards and setting age group, high school and colligate records along the way. While attending Riverside Community College, Shawn used his leadership skills and dedication to earn his second full scholarship to Pepperdine University.

After college, Shawn gained valuable experience working in the family real estate business, aerospace and healthcare fields. He and his wife Heather formed O’Gorman Pacific Realty, Inc. in 2005 and his father continues to work as a consultant for the company. Shawn credits his industry experience for producing very personalized, problem solving, and creative approach with every client that he represents.

Columba O'GormanShawn’s father Columba O’Gorman (“Colly”) joined W. Ross Campbell Company in the 1950s after serving in the US Navy as a Submarine Quartermaster during WWII. Having graduated the University of Southern California, Colly worked closely with his father-in-law Bob McCourt Jr. in sales and marketing selling industrial parcels in the city of Fontana. During the 1960s, Colly applied what he learned from his Fontana experience and opened up a branch of the W. Ross Campbell Company in Riverside developing industrial parcels on his own.

Later, Colly would move his business downtown and transform his business into Eagle Properties Corporation—becoming the leading commercial broker in Riverside. Notably, Colly became the developer for Box Springs Industrial Park (now Sycamore Canyon) in the 1970s. There he teamed up with Linkletter Enterprises to develop 200 acres which ultimately became home to Kinder Manufacturing, La Salle Deich, and many other companies.

Robert McCourt, Jr.Shawn’s grandfather Robert McCourt, Jr. (“Bob”) joined the W. Ross Campbell Company in the 1930s. There he transacted one of the largest office transactions in the history of the company. In partnership with Connecticut General and Metropolitan Life Insurance companies, Bob created the mortgage banking division of the W. Ross Campbell Company. He served as President of the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce before setting his sights on acquiring a 500-acre parcel in Fontana. There he created Fontana Industries Inc. and parceled out the “hog farm” (the parcel’s nickname) to many companies looking to expand into the region. By doing so, Bob played a major role in the City of Fontana’s industrial base, particularly Kaiser Steel.

Robert McCourt, Sr.Shawn’s great-grandfather Robert McCourt, Sr. (“R. L.”) was very active in the development of the Textile, Central Manufacturing and Harbor Districts of Los Angeles. During that time, R. L. had a successful career in the clothing business when real estate owner W. Ross Campbell asked him if he’d rather sell real estate by the foot rather than fabric by the square yard. R. L. ultimately joined the W. Ross Campbell Company and becoming the President of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce in the 1930s.

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